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Water Test Loop

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Safety valve tests

The high-pressure hot-water test loop with a circulation pump (3) can be, when supplemented with two pressure vessels (6), used for safety valve tests. A preparatory test phase consists of the setting of desired water pressure (plunger pump 2) and temperature (electric heaters - 4), loop water flows through the vessels (6) via valves MC and MA during this stage. After parameters having been set up the loop is isolated by closing MC and MA. The main test phase is then started by the opening of quick-acting valve (8) allowing vessels water access to the tested valve (5). During water outflow, pressure in vessels (6) may be supported by an air cushion generated in air pressure vessels (7). In the course of tests, necessary functional parameters are measured and registered (DAS), as pressures and temperatures in the vessels, before and after the tested valve, as well as fluid flow, valve spindle movement etc.

Pressure vessels parameters

Maximum pressure 12 MPa
Maximum temperature 300 oC
Volume 2 m3
Inner diameter 445 mm
Height 6 m

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