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Bubble Condenser

Safety Valve Tests



Scheme Of High Pressure Hot Water Test Loop

Two auxiliary loops form the test loop to support pressurizing and heating of circulating water. There are 3 supply tanks with demi water (1), supply and plunger (2) pumps with pressurizers, pipes, safety and operating valves in pressure part of the loop. It enables filling and pressurizing of the heat part of the test loop with circulating pump (3) and 2 electrical heaters (4). Test branch with closing valves MA and MC is used to simulate desirable conditions for valves or fitting tests.

Test Loop Parameters

Pressure 20 MPa
Temperature 350 oC
Flow rate 50 m3.hour-1
Imput 0,5 MW

Loop Application

  • Test of valves safety and lifespan
  • Test of valves reliability
  • Test safety and operating valves in connection with additional pressure vessels
  • Special tests
Storage tanks Plunger pump Circulation pump Heaters