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Water Test Loop

Bubble Condenser

Safety Valve Tests



Summary Of Activities

There are two large experimental facilities at SVUSS Praha, s.r.o. It is high pressure hot water test loop where valves and other fittings can be proved on their reliability, safety and lifespan. It is also possible to test their behaviour during various types of temperature shocks. The second experimental facility is used for investigation of thermohydraulic processes during accidents in nuclear power plants.

High Pressure Hot Water Test Loop

High pressure hot water test loop contains pump, valves, tanks, heat exchangers, pipes and corresponding auxiliary systems (including data acquisition system). Test loop is used to prepare hot pressurized cicrulating water up to pressure 20 MPa and temperature 350 °C. Different tests of valves and other fittings then can be performed in test part of the facility.

Bubble Condenser Model

This experimental facility is designed for investigation of mixed steam-water condensation (bubble condensation) or for investigation of industrial facilities utilizing this phenomena which are used both in industry (heat exchangers) and in power engineering (bubble condensers of nuclear power plants). Test facility can be modified to investigate large systems working on the base of bubble condensation as e.g. accident localisation systems of nuclear power plants.

Safety Valve Tests

The high-pressure hot-water test loop with pumps, valves, vessels, heat exchangers and necessary high- and low-current electric equipment (measurement included) can be, when supplemented with two pressure vessels of total volume 2 m3, used for safety valve tests.

Next activities
Thermovision measurements
Calibration of bearings
Calculation and design of heat exchangers